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LeTourneau University

LeTourneau University

University Founder – R.G. LeTourneau

LeTourneau University is named for its organizer, R.G. LeTourneau, one of the world’s most prominent designers of earthmoving hardware. An agent and faithful Christian, LeTourneau visited Longview, Texas, with his better half, Evelyn, in 1946 to consider an assembling site for his next earthmoving hardware manufacturing plant. While flying over a rambling complex of a cleared Army medical clinic comprising of more than 200 edge structures, Mrs. LeTourneau asked about the office. At the point when told it was never again being used, she proposed building up a school to instruct returning World War II veterans.

The site moved toward becoming LeTourneau Technical Institute, established in 1946 with just male understudies. In 1961 the school progressed toward becoming LeTourneau College, a co-instructive four-year school. In 1989 LeTourneau College progressed toward becoming LeTourneau University, a SACSCOC and ABET licensed, nondenominational Christian college, offering four-year and two-year degree programs in designing, innovation, the aesthetic sciences, business, aeronautical science, training, and technical disciplines, in addition to graduate degree programs in business and instruction.

In that equivalent year, the college started venturing into offering programs for working grown-ups in night and end of the week classes. Considering it the LEAP program, which represented LeTourneau Education for Adult Professionals, classes with similar understudies making a gathering, or accomplice, met week by week for six to about two months for each course. Partners were kept on track through to degree fulfillment with understudies consequently took on each next class, and as each class completed, the following course started in a similar area the next week with an alternate teacher. Numerous different colleges have received this configuration to arrive at working grown-ups.

Today, in excess of 1,150 understudies go to LeTourneau University classes on the web or at our instructive focuses in Dallas and Houston, and probably won’t step foot onto the college’s excellent principle grounds in Longview, Texas except if they seek graduation.

The college has eight schools.

Institute of Arts and Sciences

  1. School of Aviation and Aeronautical Science
  2. Institute of Business
  3. Institute of Education
  4. School of Engineering and Engineering Technology
  5. School of Nursing
  6. School of Psychology and Counseling
  7. School of Theology and Vocation

At present, LeTourneau University is driven by its 6th president, Dr. Dale A. Lunsford, and its leading body of trustees.

LeTourneau University is a proudly Christian college. While it has no direct denominational ties, it invites understudies of all divisions who love and look for after God. It is where understudies have discovered a more profound association with Him, developed in their otherworldly walk and found God’s motivation for their lives.

Vision and Mission


Asserting each working environment in each country as our main goal field, LeTourneau University graduates are experts of creativity and Christ-like character who consider life’s to be as a blessed calling with unceasing effect.

Statement of purpose

LeTourneau University is an exhaustive establishment of Christian advanced education where teachers draw in students to sustain Christian prudence, to create competency and resourcefulness in their expert fields, to incorporate confidence and work, and to serve the nearby and worldwide network.


LeTourneau University instructs understudies who:

  • Exhibit competency and creativity in their expert fields
  • Coordinate Christian confidence and work: understanding their employment inside the triune God’s terrific story of recovery uncovered in Scripture
  • Draw in the nearby and worldwide network

LeTourneau University is an instructive network that:

  • Cultivates a connecting with condition helpful for instructing and learning
  • Develops Christian ethicalness
  • Adds to the improvement and administration of the nearby and worldwide network
  • From Innovation to Impact

Welcome to LeTourneau University’s School of Engineering and Engineering Technology, where understudies get ready for something other than extraordinary vocations – they get ready to affect the world for Christ. Established by incredibly famous architect and creator R.G. LeTourneau, LETU has an enormous legacy of getting ready specialists to exceed expectations in their professions and structure the world’s future. Here, you’ll discover the distinction made by unrivaled hands-on labs, understudy configuration ventures, interdisciplinary learning, master personnel, and worldwide research.

Unmistakable Engineering for Real-World Problems


  • The Joining Of Spiritual and Academic Growth
  • Stewards for Sustainability
  • An Engineering Legacy
  • We CAN Design It – But SHOULD We?

Institute of Engineering and Engineering Technology


Unmistakable Engineering for Real-World Problems


The Joining Of Spiritual and Academic Growth


  • graduate position rate
  • ABET-certify CCCU building school in the country
  • School Of Engineering and Engineering Technology

Graduates from our School of Engineering and Engineering Technology have superb openings for work and are prepared to have an effect in their field of decision. Our thorough scholarly projects incorporate science degrees in seven distinct orders, designing innovation degrees in five controls, and two diverse science graduate degrees. Regardless of whether you need to seek after a profession in biomedical, common, PC, electrical, natural, materials joining, or mechanical designing, we offer degree choices and master guidance to set you up for your vocation.

The School of Engineering and Engineering Technology is focused on giving scholarly greatness, yet in addition a comprehension of how confidence in Christ can be coordinated into the expert working environment. Personnel and staff are devoted to building a Christ-focused network and planning understudies to affect the world for Christ. We need to enable you to get familiar with how God can utilize your endowments and interests in the field of building to turn into a worker chief in a wide range of working environments!

Our building personnel originate from assorted foundations of expert practice, look into, the scholarly world, organization possession, business enterprise, service, and military assistance. Our personnel view educating and explore at LeTourneau as their method for helping understudies get ready to affect the building calling for Christ.

Our program is revolved around giving a definitive hands-on designing knowledge, which means learning isn’t limited to the study hall! The majority of our understudies increase down to earth involvement in our broad building offices, working with assembling and testing hardware as learning helps, in guided labs, for class ventures, and for individual tasks and research.

Each building understudy burns through two semesters taking a shot at a capstone, enormous scale senior plan venture. These ventures spread a wide range of building themes, including essential research, philanthropic and missions work, business enterprise, and plan rivalries. Study our ongoing senior plan ventures, from the LetSat nano-satellite group to the SafeHome debacle help lodging group.

While learning in the study hall and chipping away at undertakings are principal to creating designing aptitudes, numerous understudies likewise are searching for extra opportunities to grow their building encounters. We offer various open doors for understudies to engage in different manners, including individual research encounters, entry level positions, ponders abroad, understudy clubs, and enrollments in expert social orders.

Go along with us! Be a piece of the following gathering of remarkable destined to-be LETU architects ready to affect God’s reality in noteworthy and remunerating ways.

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Daytime classes at LeTourneau’s principle grounds in Longview, Texas. This incorporates all projects for private college understudies, just as neighborhood workers looking for an undergrad daytime program of study.

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Totally online projects, quickened night programs, classes at any of LeTourneau’s remote instructive bases on Texas, or any of our alumni programs. Keen on single classes, or non-degree looking for enlistment? Effectively a LeTourneau student, and thinking about an ace’s program?